Online Learning in COVID Times

Adversities always give rise to new solutions, and one such good thing to come out as a result of the global issue is e-learning or online learning.  Covid has exposed us to an unprecedented panacea that we are now taking advantages of. Human beings have come to the realization that we have the capability of taking collective actions when the need arises. One such thing has been the change in the way of learning, numerous other benefits that have sprung up as a result of the pandemic but here we will talk about the ways our education has changed due to the global pandemic.

What is evident as a result of the pandemic?

In recent times due to the requirement of online learning, we have seen many innovations, from the birth of countless apps that have made the process of learning easier to apps that allow people to learn in different ways.

There are, however, two sides of a coin, and we have to be focused on the side that is beneficial to us all the while being wary of the other. The way we have responded to this pandemic is just monumental from changing the very fundamental structure of systems to making required adaptations where we could suffice.

Alterations because of the situation.

A lot of good things have emerged as the online learning progresses, from higher retention seen in students to better health as a result of being able to give ourselves proper time and care. The global education sector has seen a boom in the rise of education technology and the projected rise of the sector altogether. Teachers and learners have come together to rapidly acclimate to the rapid shift of learning from classrooms to fulfilling their roles from their respective residencies.

Initiatives are taken by the government of a few nations.

Governments of countries like America and China have stressed on the need for online learning, sparing no effort. Rest of the world has adapted and taken necessary measures for providing effective education to the students of their respective countries, keeping budgets on point.

Other innovations in the field.

Countless new technologies have bloomed in the pandemic, some that stand out are auto-translation, real-time co-editing for projects and limitless conferencing time. The requirement for setting up vast networks has also shown the capabilities of companies like Alibaba which deployed more than a lakh cloud-based server in a matter of hours. Some of the innovative solutions that have been presented are marvellous feats to achieve.

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